There are a number of ways you can become affiliated with the SHE Foundation, Inc.® You can request support, give support, or become an annual sponsor.

Give Support

Make a donation to the SHE Foundation, Inc. or the Linda M. Smith Endowment today! Donations can be made to help the foundation continue to fulfill our mission of providing and supporting scholarship, health and education initiatives. Donations are tax-deductible.


Make checks payable to:

SHE Foundation, Inc.®

P O Box 56363

Washington, DC 20040 

NOTE:  Please add a note WHEN DONATING, if your donation is to the Linda Smith Endowment!  Thank you!

Platinum Donors

Cheryl H. Boddie

 - Cheryl Boddie “Eagle” Award 

Stephanie Turner

- "Stephanie Turner Book" Award

Felicia A. Dillard

- “Scholars” Award

Lanette Y. Aguilar

- "Scholars" Award

The SHE Foundation, Inc.® welcomes you as a sponsor of our various programs and events designed to empower and develop women and young girls.

Current Donors

  • Cheryl Boddie

  • Felicia A. Dillard

  • Lanette Y. Aguilar

  • Stephanie Turner

  • Sherrie Jennings

  • Patricia Story-Edwards

  • Beverly Dorn-Steele

  • Marilyn Reid Hill

  • Anita Chase Watson

  • Ronn, Thomas, Sharon Chandler Thomas & Alycia Wright

  • John “Sonny” Pasture

  • Joyce Pittman

  • Brenda Wilson Morton

  • Toni Miles-Maloney

  • Cynthia Johnson

  • Phyllis Jeter Nunn

  • Anita Horton

  • Pat Heath

  • Dee Best

  • Pleshette Askew

  • Angela Belfield

  • Glady Cooper

  • Linda Alston

  • Pat Mabry-Harris  

  • Earnestine Holden

  • Janet Jones

  • Toomage Abza

  • DJ Stevens

  • Mary Jackson

  • Tanya McKoy-Sutton

  • Brenda Torrence

  • Aquadella Rivers

  • Bardell & Marilyn Berry

  • Darryl Payden

  • Peggy Lee

  • Danielle Toi' Steele

  • Tyrone Steele

  • Deborah McCormack Frazier


  • SHE Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors

  • SDJ (Shelia Dorn Jones) Memorial Fund

  • Les Gemmes, Inc., Washington, DC

  • Kangen Water “A Taste of Life” Brenda Noble

  • Vanguard Challenge Fund, Inc.

  • Inferno Travel

  • LaGym

  • Detroit Graduate Chapter, Groove Phi Groove SFI®

  • Philadelphia Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Houston Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Central Carolina Graduate Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Charlotte Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • DC Metro Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Boston Providence Graduate Chapter Groove Phi Groove SFI®

  • N. J. Zuri Obinrin Abike Aye’ Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Rukiya Busara Piedmont Triad Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Garden State Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Harambee Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Imani Kuumba Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Nia Graduate Chapter Swing Phi Swing SFI®

  • Bridgeport New Haven Grad