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Board of Directors

Tanya D. McKoy.jpg

Tanya D. McKoy

Board Chair

Dr. Tamika Bush.png

Dr. Tamika Bush

Shelia Harrison.jpg

Sheila Harrison

Dr. Angela Mingo-Belfield.jpg

Dr. Angela Mingo-Belfield

Board Vice Chair

Dr. F. Vanessa Diggs.jpg

Dr. F. Vanessa Diggs

Theresa Howard.jpg

Theresa Howard

Brenda Torrence.jpg

Brenda Torrence

Founder Beverly Dorn-Steele.jpg

Founder Beverly Dorn-Steele

Board Secretary

Christa Epps.jpg

Christa Epps

Rose Lindsey.jpg

Rose Lindsey

Sherdina WIlliams.jpg

Sherdina Williams

Sharon Chandler Thomas.jpg

Sharon Chandler Thomas

Board Treasurer

Vanessa Gibbs-Hillard

Nina Thomas.jpg

Nina Thomas

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